- July 20, 2022

EM314 still on TV

The interview that Emmanuele Macaluso (aka EM314) gave to Moreno Filipetto for the TV show "Un caffè con..." (a coffee with... in English) lasted about 15 minutes. The interview was broadcast by RETE7 this morning, and subsequently made available to the public on the producer's web channels. Interview is also available on the official EM314 YouTube Channel.


- July 14, 2022

Syemme official supplier of EM314

The partnership between EM314 and Syemme was presented through official channels and press. Syemme is a sportwear company based near Turin (Italy). The partnership provides for the supply of sportwear to the greenest and most sustainable athlete in Italy, with a particular focus also on post-race clothing and to be used on official, PR and media activities.


- June 22, 2022

Emmanuele "EM314" Macaluso on Radio Veronica One

Next monday June 27th, Emmanuele "EM314" Macaluso will be on air on Radio Veronica One for an interview. During the interview, the greenest and most sustainable athlete in Italy will talk about sport, MTB, environment and social sustainability.


- April 26, 2022

Emmanuele "EM314" Macaluso relates the EM314 case history in 2 universities

Double academic appointment to exhibit the case history "EM314 - The greenest and most sustainable athlete in Italy".

On May 5th, Emmanuele Macaluso will illustrate the marketing, reputation and CSR activities at the LUMSA University of Rome during a lecture of the Reputation Management course held by Prof. Luca Poma.

On May 26, he will be hosted by the University of Valle d'Aosta (Université de la Vallée d'Aoste) in a lecture open to the public invited by Prof. Luisa Giacoma.

The activities that have led EM314 to become a university case study in various universities continue under the supervision and patronage of The Manifesto for Ethical Marketing (also known as Ethical Marketing Manifesto) and its Scientific Ethics Committee.


- April 23, 2022

Emmanuele "EM314" Macaluso supports the United Nations’ Earth Day

Emmanuele Macaluso (aka EM314) supports the World Earth Day announced by the United Nations through a press and social media campaign.

An appointment particularly awaited by "The greenest and most sustainable athlete in Italy", to raise public awareness of the dangers and opportunities of a sustainable (environmental and social) approach towards our planet.

The campaign's claim (in Italian and English) is: «Earth is the only trail we have. Take care of it!».

Watch the post on the EM314 social channels.


- March 15, 2022

Official Statement: Emmanuele "EM314" Macaluso against greenwashing

What EM314 has published on its official social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin) against greenwashing today is a clear and unrepeatable stance.

An official statement made after the athlete has been warned of improper communication practices by self-styled athletes who use "care for the environment" as a mere action of personal branding and marketing positioning.

Care for the environment that would not have led to the implementation of statements sent to the press or published on social channels by the subjects and that distances itself from the related communication campaigns.

Emmanuele Macaluso, who is also an expert in the first hour of marketing (author in 2011 of The Manifesto of Ethical Marketing) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) following reports and checks, has actually seen "important greenwashing actions" implemented to give the protagonists a "painted green".

EM314 therefore wanted to mark the distance and the difference from this kind of behavior and his vision of social and enviromental sustainability.


- March 03, 2022

"Dare il Meglio di sé", reflections of an athlete and sports manager in relation to the document of the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life

Emmanuele Macaluso, marketing expert (author of The Ethical Marketing Manifesto) and "the greenest and most sustainable athlete in Italy", recently published a short essay on the "Academia" portal.

The essay seeks to collect some reflections - from the perspective of an athlete and a sports manager - in relation to "Dare il Meglio di sé", the Document on the christian perspective of sport and the human person of the Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and Life.

Far from wanting to give answers or judgments, the essay wants to provide some starting points for comparison starting from some reflections based on the current sporting scenario, viewed from the simple perspective of an athlete who is also a manager in the field of sport. The publication is having great resonance in the national press right now.

The essay can be downloaded for free here>>>  


- January 12, 2022

EM314 "The greenest and most sustainable Athlete in Italy" publishes the Social and Mission Report 2021

The second EM314 Social and Mission Report (Sustainability Report) for the year 2021 has been published on the athlete's official website.

Written by Emmanuele Macaluso himself, it's a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) document that makes EM314 an excellence in the Italian sports scene. EM314 indeed, is the only single athlete who draws up and publishes the sustainability in Italy. A record out the trails that in 2021 highlighted him in the eyes of the press which indicated him as the greenest and most sustainable athlete in Italy. A recognition that continues with increasing conviction.

It's possible to download for free the EM314 - 2021 Social and Mission Report here >>>


- November 3, 2021

170.000 views in the first weekend for "Road to Tampere" on the Michelin Facebook page

On November 19th, Michelin Italia published on its official Facebook page a version specially modified by the director Costantino Meloni of "Road To Tampere", the video through which EM314 launches its challenge to the European Masters Games in Tampere 2023. The video has totaled over 170.000 views in the first weekend. You can see the post/video here >>>


- November 4, 2021

EM314 on national TV

Emmanuele "EM314" Macaluso participated in the TV program "I soliti ignoti", hosted by Amadeus and broadcast on Rai Uno (first channel of National Italian TV) yesterday November 3th. RAI press office in collaboration with Auditel released the official viewing report for the episode: 4 million 746 thousand viewers for a 19,5% share. The episode is available on RaiPlay.


- October 7, 2021

EM314 launches the challenge at the European Masters Games with the video "Road To Tampere"

The video that Emmanuele Macaluso (aka EM314) has chosen as a communication vehicle to formalize his European sporting challenge is signed by the Turin filmmaker Costantino Meloni.

"Road To Tampere" is the title of the video of about two minutes through which EM314 announces its participation to the European Masters Games of Tampere (Finland) in 2023.

Watch the video here >>>


- September 30, 2021

EM314 case history at the 24 Ore Business School

Emmanuele Macaluso was a guest of the 24 Ore Business School to illustrate the sports marketing and Reputation Management project EM314. The case history was included in the Business School's Master in Sport Management by Prof. Romano Ugolini.


- September 23, 2021

EM314 will race at the Gimondi Bike International

Emmanuele "EM314" Macaluso has made official his participation in the Gimondi BIke Internazionale (XCM) through his press office and official social channels. The cross country marathon (XCM) race will be held in Iseo (BS) on September 26th. 53,5 km for an altitude difference of 1,100 meters.

That of Iseo should be the last race of the 2021 season, in view of the individual winter preparation that in 2022 will lead EM314 to compete in a more important way in the olympic cross country (XCO) to prepare him for the event of the European Masters Games in Tampere (Finland) 2023.


- August 4, 2021

The EM314's preparation continues for the next race on the road to Tampere 2023

After making his debut at the "Assietta" last July 4th, Emmanuele "EM314" Macaluso continues his preparation in view of the next race.

On September 26th he will participate at the Gimondi Bike International (53.5 km-1100 mt D +).

Another step on the road that will lead him to represent Italy at the olympic cross country event (XCO) at the European Masters Games in Tampere 2023.


- June 28, 2021

EM314’s run to the European Masters Games in Tampere starts from Sestriere

Next 4th July, Emmanuele Macaluso (aka “EM314”) will make his MTB debut. The race chosen for the sporting debut is the Assietta Bike, with departure and arrival from Sestriere (To). A 58 km XC race with a positive elevation gain of 1,750 meters, which reaches its peak on the top of Colle dell’Assietta. The sporting debut marks the starting point for EM314's run-up to the European Masters Games in Tampere 2023.


- June 18, 2021

The greenest athlete in Italy protagonist of a commercial for "Free To X"

Emmanuele Macaluso has been chosen in the past weeks as the protagonist of a commercial that the sustainable company Free To X, uploaded today on its Youtube channel. The video entitled "Emmanuele Macaluso the most sustainable athlete in Italy" is available here >>>


- June 1, 2021

EM314 - the greenest athlete in Italy - becomes an university and literary case history

The EM314 sports marketing project was included as a case history in the university book "Reputation Management explained simply" written jointly by Prof. Luca Poma and Dr. Giorgia Grandoni of the LUMSA University of Rome. In the book, EM314 is mentioned in a dedicated chapter for the publication of the Social Report that led the athlete to be recognized by the press as "the greenest and most sustainable athlete in Italy".


- May 10, 2021

EM314 talks at an event organized by Legambiente and Ecoevents

Thursday 13 May at about 12.00, Emmanuele Macaluso will talk about the EM314 project during an event organized by Legambiente and Ecoevents entitled "Sport and sustainability a winning combination". An obligatory event for "The greenest athlete in Italy".

With Emmanuele Macaluso other protagonists of the sport, among them: Javier Zanetti, Federica Brignone and other eminent representatives (among others) of FIGC, LegaPro, Juventus FC, Bologna FC and Cagliari Calcio. From 10 am, the event will be live on the facebook pages Ecoevents, Legambiente Onlus, Festambiente Legambiente, La nuova ecologia, and on their respective websites.


- April 23, 2021

EM314 debuts. The run to the European Master Games in Tampere 2023 begins

Through a press release and a post on his official channels, Emmanuele Macaluso (aka as "EM314"), announced his sporting debut in June 2021 in Val d'Aosta. With the debut begins the sporting path that will lead EM314 to represent Italy at the European Masters Games of Tampere 2023 in Finland. You can read the press release here >>>


- February 20, 2021

Emmanuele "EM314" Macaluso is the greenest athlete in Italy

With the publication of the social and mission report, many newspapers have indicated Emmanuele Macaluso (aka EM314) as the "greenest athlete in Italy". This investiture stems from the fact that EM314 is the first athlete in the history of Italian sport to have published this CSR document. It's possible to read the articles mentioned in this news in the "press" section of this site.


- February 5, 2021

EM314 will race with Rodman Azimut Squadra Corse

Through a post on his official social channels (Instagram + Facebook + Twitter + Linkedin), Emmanuele Macaluso - aka EM314 - has made official his choice for the team that will see him debut in MTB in 2021. The athlete has in fact posted a picture while he's wearing the official uniform of the Rodman Azimut Squadra Corse.


- January 14, 2021

EM314 publishes the 2020 Social Report

On 14 January 2021 the 2020 Social Report of EM314 was published in the specific section of the official website.

The social report is a formal document and is an activity that falls under CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Although it is not a marketing project linked to a professional team, but to a single athlete, we have decided to produce and publish it. This transparency action is carried out for the first time in the history of Italian sport and testifies to Emmanuele's great sensitivity for social and environmental issues. The report is drawn up under the supervision of the Scientific Ethics Committee of the Ethical Marketing Manifesto.


- September 10, 2020

EM314 joins to the Sport Manifesto

Emmanuele Macaluso "EM314" has also joined the Manifesto dello Sport, the document that is receiving thousands of adhesions from Italian sportsmen.

EM314 wanted to firmly subscribe to the Manifesto, which emphasizes not only the values of sport, but also the needs and social consequences of a movement that affects not only professionals, but all citizens. Needs made even more evident in this period due to the Covid-19 health emergency. The press release (only in Italian) is available here >>>


- September 10, 2020
The national sports press talks about EM314
The interview that Emmanuele Macaluso gave to the journalist Emiliano Savini to talk about EM314 has been published in the main national sports newspapers. The video of the interview was published in La Gazzetta dello Sport, Il Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport and Yahoo Sport. It's possible to see the interview at the link
here >>>


- May 29, 2020
EM314 and Cosmos Media Italia confirm the media partnership
EM314 and the COSMOS MEDIA ITALIA press office have formalized the extension of the media partnership agreement. In the first 6 months of collaboration, which began last October with the birth of the EM314 project, the partnership led to the publication of 166 press articles in 52 newspapers. Full press review available
here >>> 


- May 14, 2020
Emmanuele Macaluso publishes a memorandum with the remodeling of the EM314 strategy
A month after the announcement of the postponement of the sporting debut, and consequently of the EM314 project, Emmanuele Macaluso has published a memorandum in which he explains the remodeling of the strategy of the sports marketing project that sees him as the protagonist.
The document can be downloaded for free and, in the intentions of its author, it wants to become a case history made available to athletes and sports managers to give some ideas in the management of the crisis scenario that accompanies the Covid-19 health emergency. The memorandum, entitled: "Project EM314 - Remodeling of the marketing strategy after the postponement of the sporting debut for the Covid-19 emergency" - in Italian - is a joint CSR action Emmanuele Macaluso / Factory Performance and can be downloaded
here >>>


- May 7, 2020
EM314 lands on Linkedin
A company page dedicated to EM314 has been activated on Linkedin. The page represents another channel through which the project comes into contact with professionals and fans. Follow the official Linkedin page of EM314 at here >>>


- May 4, 2020
Emmanuele "EM314" Macaluso returns to training outdoors
Following the provisions of the President of the Council of Ministers which initiates the so-called "phase 2" of the Covid-19 emergency, Emmanuele Macaluso returns to training outdoors. The DPCM (Prime Minister's Decree) issued by Giuseppe Conte provides for the possibility of individual physical activity. Starting from May 4, 2020, after 59 days, EM314 will finally be able to go outdoors to train.


- April 14, 2020
Emmanuele “EM314” Macaluso's return to the races postponed to 2021
The cancellation of a large part of the competitive calendar and the long period of limitations dictated by the provisions related to Covid-19, led Emmanuele Macaluso and his staff to reshape the return of "EM314" to competitive activity.
We took this decision with great serenity. Sport is often imbued with an epic that transforms athletes into gladiators. In this period, the choice of a low profile, respectful towards those who are facing real tragedies, seemed right to us - This is the official statement of Factory Performance, the association that manages the interests of EM314, which continues - Emmanuele is in health and is serene. He is, as far as possible, continuing his athletic training at his home and has evaluated together with the technical staff the advisability of postponing the return. Unfortunately, the cancellation of outdoor training activities came at a delicate moment in his preparation; then the uncertainty of the schedule of the races did the rest. Emmanuele, and all the people involved in the sporting project, huddle with respectful affection towards those who in this period are facing situations in front of which, the delay in returning to competitive activity, is of little consequence. "
Further information will be made public through official channels and the press when the legislative conditions useful for planning all sports, medical, technical and strategic activities of EM314 are in place.


- March 18, 2020
Emmanuele Macaluso “EM314” opens his official Facebook page

The official page of EM314 has been put online in the past few hours. In addition to the official page of Emmanuele Macaluso, which now has almost 3,000 fans, Factory Performance, the association that manages image interests and marketing and communication activities, has published a specific fanpage dedicated to the sports activity of the Turin athlete .
Become a fan of EM314 on Facebook here


- March 9, 2020
Emmanuele Macaluso "EM314" adapts to the DL of the Prime Minister in relation to Covid-19
A few hours after the autonomous decision to suspend outdoor training activities (as a precaution), the President of the Council of Ministers Giuseppe Conte signed a Law Decree with restrictions on activities for the Italian population. In the last few hours, with the increase in the number of infections due to Covid-19 and the pressure on the National Health System, although there is no specific ban on the activity of athletes who train individually, Emmanuele has decided to continue training at your home. Among the reasons for the choice, the will, in the event of a fall or investment, not to put further pressure on the NHS in such a complex moment for healthcare personnel. The preparation will focus on athletic preparation, muscle strengthening and we will try to maintain (despite the reduced range of motion) to continue improving the weight-power ratio of the athlete.


- March 8, 2020
Emmanuele Macaluso “EM314” suspends all outdoor activities
Emmanuele Macaluso, after a conversation with his staff, decided to suspend all his outdoor training activities. The decision was made following the increasingly alarming news related to Covid-19. In the last few hours, information has emerged - sometimes even conflicting - through the media, and in the absence of scientific evidence, it was decided to protect the athlete's health. EM314 will continue athletic training at his home.


- January 15, 2020
Emmanuele Macaluso “EM314” global Ambassador of MISSION DARK SKY
Emmanuele Macaluso has chosen the social activity that he will support during his sporting activity. MISSION DARK SKY is a global awareness campaign about light pollution and its effects on human health and the environment. An issue that will always have a greater environmental impact in the future. Support for a social campaign represents to all effects an action of CSR (Corporate Social Responsability) of the EM314 project, and demonstrates the attention and sensitivity of Emmanuele and all the staff towards environment and social causes.


- December 15, 2019
Emmanuele Macaluso continues his preparation
Even during the winter period Emmanuele Macaluso's training continues in preparation of his return to competitive activity. Despite the cold and bad weather that are hitting Piedmont, EM314 continues its approach to the professional world of MTB. We invite you to read the article that EM314 wrote on our blog, in which he tells us the reasons for his return to the sport that counts and how this phase of work is structured. The article is available
here >>>


- October 30, 2019
Emmanuele Macaluso presents his sports project EM314
The official logo of the EM314 sports project was presented during a press conference.
In recent weeks, Emmanuele Macaluso, who in addition to being a marketing expert and science communicator, is a former professional athlete, has announced his return to competitive activity in the world of cycling and mountain biking (MTB). This activity will be supported by an integrated marketing project that will oversee Macaluso's image rights and specific CSR. A marketing project called EM314. Find out more
here >>>


- October 3, 2019
Emmanuele Macaluso formalizes his return to competitive activity
The Turin champion Emmanuele Macaluso, announces his return to competitive activity in a post, this time in mountain biking. With a long post on his official facebook page and simultaneously on his instagram profile, Macaluso announced his return, accompanying the announcement with a photo taken in a well-known Turin bike and motorcycle dealer, in which he is portrayed with the bike he will accompany him in this new sporting adventure.

Macaluso's statement follows: “My return to sport represents an important moment for me and will be supported by a professional marketing project, which we will present in the coming weeks. I am evaluating some options regarding the sponsorships and partnerships that will accompany me in this new adventure. From an athletic point of view, I have a lot to do. 10 years of inactivity is a long time. I'm working on my power-to-weight ratio and will need a few months to prepare and achieve my athletic goals. Add to this the driving technique. In the meantime I will be followed by professionals and my staff will allow me to share this experience with people who want to follow it. I am excited at the idea of ​​competing again even if in a different discipline from the one that saw me win so much. I'll try to have fun, put on a show and do well. Meanwhile, now I focus on the athletic plan and we are working on the launch of the project. You will know more in the coming weeks ”.


- September 6, 2019
Rumor: Former professional athlete Emmanuele Macaluso could return to sports with a new project
Rumors relating to Emmanuele Macaluso's return to competitive activity continue to chase each other.
Former professional athlete in the javelin throw between the 90s and the first decade of 2000, winner of many national and international titles and meetings, Emmanuele Macaluso - who is currently one of the most influential Italian communicators - posted on his official Instagram account a post that has sparked the curiosity of fans and journalists. Below is the link of the post
The rumors of a possible return to sport by Macaluso have also affected sports and generalist newspapers. The complete press review is available in the appropriate section of this blog here


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